Building upon a lifetime in the arts, Mark Lamb founded Mark Lamb Dance in the year 2006.  It is a company both bathed in the century-old modern dance tradition, and also in a relatively revolutionary expansion of the very nature of dance performance. The company functions in reflection of the actual lives of its collaborative artists, and of a wide community with whom they share their artistic expression.

Mark Lamb Dance has performed all over New York City, in dance performances geared toward events and traditions at a variety of outdoor and historic locations.

Mark Lamb Dance is in residence at the Metro Baptist Church, just off Times Square, where the company rehearses, presents concerts, leads workshops open to both company members and the public, and also joins in the community outreach sponsored by the church.  In 2010, Mark and company began a “salon” series at the church, of compelling artistry and experimentation presented in an informal, gracious atmosphere with live music.  Here is a series that allows and encourage artists of all stripes to expand their expressive horizons, while mingling together and with their audience.

Along the way, Mark Lamb Dance has continually grown, and now speaks in a unique, cumulative voice.  This is an artistic profile built on a wide variety of dance practices and educational and philosophical traditions.  Mark is ever creating and codifying a method for performing artists, and any interested person in fact, to develop capacities for creative expression, and overall personal openness.

The Mark Lamb Dance “method” asks its participants to remember key and telling experiences from their lives.  Then, these professional dancers and amateur participants alike are encouraged to tell stories, while also moving in expressively eloquent dance patterns.  A level of trust develops, bringing out personal truths and a new definition of artistry, in which dance and the other arts, storytelling and conversation, all commingle.  The work is truly liberating, breaking down barriers between prepared artistry and improvisation, and between dance and real life.

Mark is known for his storytelling at the Moth and venues throughout New York City and beyond. He is currently sharing bits of his life on his blog http://www.magnoliamouth.com/

To book a workshop or performance please contact Mark Lamb at:

mark@marklambdance.org| (646) 265-4782