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For Mark Lamb, storytelling came as natural to him as country ham on a biscuit. Hailing originally from Sturgis, Kentucky, Mark comes from a long line of storytellers. Now these storytellers are not the kind you would find up on a stage.  But more like the kind you would find around the kitchen table or the front porch swing. His influence comes from Aunts, Uncles, Mamaws, folks who loved to stir up a good story and occasionally add a cup of sugar just to sweeten the memories.

He now resides in New York City where his work as a choreographer and performer has been recognized by the New York Times as "quietly celebratory" "gently charming" and "expression of communal joy". Mark is a Grand Slam champion at the Peabody Award winning Moth storytelling series, and also was featured on their podcast. He was the first storyteller to tell a story on PBS' "Stories from the Stage". Mark is the Slam Champion of  The National Storytelling Festival Slam in Jonesborough, TN for his story "A Boy and His Dolly." His story "A Boy and His Dolly' was sanctioned by the Dollywood Foundation as a fundraiser in celebration of Dolly's 70th birthday.

Mark was hired by StoryCorps to help shape stories and has become known for coaching people in their storytelling skills. Whether it be for sharing stories in performance, competitions, or corporate presentations he is available for workshops or private coaching sessions at reasonable rates. For more info. contact him at marklambdance@gmail..com















Teaching for StoryCorps, Evansville, IN

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"A Boy and His Dolly" Bijou Theatre, Knoxville, TN